List and Description of All Standing Committees

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Committee applications open at the start of every semester or at the request of the presiding officer of each individual committee.

Passport Committee

Presided over by Haley Williams

The Passport Committee will involve its members in Chapter Leadership. Activities will be organized by Haley Williams and the members of passport committee, and these activities will involve DECA’s core values and guiding principles. There will be three levels of achievement to reach: executive, diplomat, and presidential. At the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) ribbons will be given to each passport committee member allowing everyone to know their achievements.

  • Raise money for local charities
  • Host “invite a friend” meeting
  • Hold a chapter fundraising event
  • Members will have opportunity to attend ENGAGE in New York City
  • Joining will increase opportunity to be an executive officer in the 2018 - 2019 year

Finance Committee

Presided over by Grace Sanfilippo

The Finance Committee will have two different divisions: The Fundraising Division and The Corporate Division. Members will help find corporate sponsorships and implement fundraising events over the course of the year. Our tasks include:

  • Promoting the three separate levels of sponsorships
  • Building relationships and acquiring corporate sponsorships
  • Organizing and implementing fundraising activities
  • Working with the Membership Committee to combine fundraising and social activities
  • Build a pitch deck to present to potential sponsors

Membership Committee

Presided over by Cole Chism

The Membership Committee will have two main objectives: to increase the number of members in UT DECA and to increase engagement among our members. As a result, your tasks will include the following:

  • Organizing and carrying out activities for our weekly meetings
  • Tabling throughout the school year
  • Organizing and carrying out other recruitment activities
  • Organizing and carrying out social events (formal and informal) EX. kayaking, bowling, casual get-togethers, etc.
  • Any other suggestions that will help to increase our membership/engagement

Tech & Design Committee

Presided over by Nicole Alwardi & Manvitha Talasila

The Tech & Design Committee intends to manage our chapter's social media accounts, graphics, and website. You will master the technical infrastructure and official style guide of Austin Collegiate DECA. Members may choose to specialize in technology, design, or both.